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  • Think About Another War

    Our World is in trouble. Fighting, Killing and Wars are everywhere. Our Moral has faced great challenges especially when we deal with North Korea who has the fourth-largest army in the w...

  • The World's first round-the-world challenge to fly solo through North Korea

    If North and South Korea break out into the war again, you will see total destruction. It will be inevitable that the Korean Peninsula will be reduced to ashes in the fighting with the cou...

  • My Journey

    Hi, my name is Arthur Ahn, a Korean-American, who wishes to go around the World through North Korea with such hope to bring messages of peace not only to the Korean Peninsula but also elsewhere in t...

  • “Dream and Challenge, Dreams Come True!”

    We tell our children to have a dream. We often blame them when they give up, without even giving it a try. Should we not first show them and demonstrate such spirit ourselves? Thus, my c...



Fly Solo Around the U.S and the World